British Triathlon were delighted to award the Rapidgrid Gower Peninsula Triathlon the accolade of being our 2008 Event of the Year. The organisation was excellent and both Scott and Gareth provided athletes with a fantastic racing opportunity in South Wales. I am sure that the experience of holding their first event has provided them with plenty of ideas for next year's race, and they are sure to attract many more athletes from across the country down to Port Eynon in the future.

British Triathlon's Events Officer, John Muddeman
British Triathlon Federation
Hi Guy's, Just to say well done for such a well organized and heavily marshaled event. It's the best I have done so far, I have done a few. The week-end was fantastic, you could not have asked for better weather. I did the event with my husband and a few mates, as well as friends who came to support, my boy Duke(K9) came too so that was extra special. He joins me on the run for last 200m on some of the smaller Tri’s near home (Berkshire). So he's well known, he, he. I'm hoping to get more of a bigger party to join next years Tri! I will also be in more serious training to enter Australia Full Ironman, or Monaco Half Ironman, along with a few who have done an Ironman before. Scary!!! Any tips? Anyhow, look forward to next years entry, and good luck to you both, I hope you win more awards. Shelley Archer.

Shelley Archer
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how fantastic Saturday was. It was my first Triathlon, made even more special by the fact it was at home in the Gower and my 2 brothers were also taking part. The venue is amazing and the organisation of the event was top rate. I'm not surprised you won event of the year for 2008. I've been bitten by the triathlon bug big time!! See you next year. Kindest Regards Geraint Thomas (no61)

Geraint Thomas
Hi there, I would like to send some feedback for the Gower tri this year... What a fantastic time I had! It was a wonderful experience as my first sea swim tri. The marshals were wonderful and encouraging at every corner, the race was thoughrouly thought out and well managed, and I bet you all had a little giggle when you were setting out the middle part of the run with the zig zags going up and down tiny hills, just to finish our legs off good and proper ("that'll sort the mice out from the men"!!!). I certainly hope you do win the award again, I would vote Gower tri no1 race of my season. Thanks Melanie Stone

Melanie Stone
Gareth/Scott, Well done for organising such a great event on the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the triathlon, my son enjoyed taking part in the children's races and showed off the trophy he received for taking part and the main challenge was a success - my wife stayed a night in a tent. All went to plan, great weekend, great weather and I am looking forward to doing it all again next year. I must say it was such a friendly atmosphere, other competitors having a good time on the beach after the event and later on the in the day, all the marshals did a great job and it all lead to me now officially naming this as my favorite triathlon in the UK. Thank you to you both and keep up the good work. James Davies Competitor 81 Celtic Tri Ps. any tips for running quicker when I get off the bike Regards James Davies

James Davies
Gareth and Scott I had a nice time and so did my friends that watched and my 3 friends that did the race as well as me. All very good and well organised just like last year. I think it is very well run and you can actually tell it is run by people that do triathlons themselves because there are quite a few small things that make it easier for people. The Saturday am start is brilliant as we had a great time on the Gower for the rest of the weekend. We'd like to know - who was the singer on the Friday night, he was very good. Thanks Oliver

Thanks for your efforts the whole experience was tremendous Port Eynon tri has been goal for me for years ever since we spent holidays there now I have the whole experience was just tremendous your advertising and selling of the day helped as a good crowd was there to support and they could have been thanked also for their support which out a smile on my face on every corner You made the best of a very tight circuit and it is difficult to improve on anything and no doubt spent hours on I hope to be updated when the next date is published with the hope that I can come back to improve my times Sorry for the elongated reply but the only problem you will now have is coping with the demand 10/10.

Un-named athlete
Dear Gareth and Scott, My training mates who did the Gower Tri last year came back so full of what a great day it had been, that they encouraged my sufficiently to enter. Whilst it is probably the slowest and un-fittest Tri I have done (following an injury a quarter of the way through the Dragon Ride which put a spanner in the works for 6 weeks running up to the Gower Tri), I would however stick my neck out and say it is probably THE most enjoyable and 'special' Tri I have ever done. From the organisation, to the people competing and contributing and watching and commentating over the loudspeaker, to the setting.... my word..... As I waited for the 30 sec hooter to start us off, I looked around me at what a beautiful world we are privileged to share and live in and I thanked God from the bottom of my adrenalin filled heart. Thank you. Christian.

Hi Scott& Gareth, I hope you have recovered and are feeling well and happy. I want to thank you for organizing such a special event. As I recalled the events of last Saturday, I was so moved by the showing of support I had at your Triathlon. Thanks for taking the time to organize such an amazing event. It was really great to meet you both and I hope to see you again next year. Sincerely, Kip Caban

Kip Caban

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