Bike Route

The race will operate under non-drafting rules; any athlete found to break these rules will face a time penalty in T2.

Some of the route will include using narrow lanes; this is unavoidable due to the race location. All athletes are advised to use extreme caution during these parts of the course.
Also due to the technical demands of the course and some step descents it is essential that all athletes ensure that their bike is in excellent working condition.

The bike route is to take place on public highway as shown in the following diagrams. The route has been designed to limit the number of right hand turns to maximise the safety of the athletes and other road users. We have also recognised that there is a short stretch of a narrow lane just after the turn to Burry Green, which we have designated as a no overtaking zone (NOZ) with marshals stationed at either end. The athletes will also be warned that they will face disqualification from the race if they ignore this instruction.
The route will be comprehensively sign-posted for athletes and other road users.

Bike Route Written Instructions

  • Starting from the transition area which is located on the beach front at Port Eynon, proceed out of the village up a short but steep climb, continue for approximately 4 miles, turn left after the petrol garage which is sign posted Renoldston.
  • Continue through a narrow lane (please note athletes are asked to use caution on race day) starting the climb up Cefn Bryn past the King Arthur Pub.
  • Once you have reached the summit and start the decent please take care as you will pick up speed quickly and the face a tight left hand bend which needs to be approached with caution, you then continue past Broad Pool on your left until you reach the T junction.
  • At the T Junction turn left and continue along the road until you reach another T junction by the petrol garage.
  • Turn left and continue past the Grey Hound Pub (As tempting as it might be to stop for a pint you will have to wait for the party in the night!!) for approximately 1.5 miles then you will start a very fast and technical section of the course. Firstly the road has a tight right hand corner immediately dropping sharply followed by a tight left hand bend and finally a tight right hand bend just before a short but sharp climb up the hill, please take care on this section.
  • Follow the road for approximately 0.5 of a mile and you will come to Bury Green. Take the first left which is a sharp bend leading towards a narrow part of the course and the NO OVER TAKING ZONE, the NOZ last for only 400m but it is extremely tight section of the course and it will be strictly monitored by Marshals who will be in radio contact. On completion of the NOZ continue along a fast and flat section of the course until you reach the only right hand bend.
  • Turn Right, please note that is the athletes responsibility to ensure that it is safe to cross the line of traffic and NOT the Marshals. There is excellent visibility in both directions.
  • Once you have turned right the road leads back to Port Eynon. As you drop down into Port Eynon please take care and use caution as the road is narrow with a very tight right hand bend at the bottom of the hill, continue until you complete the course at the transition area.


Check out this map on MapMyRide: 24.47 km Gower Sprint Triathlon – Bike
Distance: 24.47 km